It’s time to get to work! How many Skeletons can YOU fix?

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Welcome Skeleton Assembler!

Working at the Happy Skeleton Factory isn’t difficult, but it can get busy. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Just follow these 4 simple rules.

Factory rules

Rule 1: Respect the chute.

When the light flashes red, a skeleton part will fall onto the conveyor belt. Be careful - sometimes the chute will jam and spit out too many parts!

Rule 2: The conveyor belt is your friend.

All skeleton parts will move along the conveyor belt, but don’t let them fall off!

Rule 3: Listen, and do what they say!

Any of your 4 coworkers at their workstation will ask for the part that was dropped by the chute. Drag it to them from the conveyor belt to fix a skeleton.

Rule 4: We demand perfection, so don’t screw up.

You’ll get a cross if a part falls off a conveyor belt, or if you make a mistake. After all, mistakes cost money, so three strikes and you’re out!

Thank you for playing! Be happy
Be productive